Waxing Services in Seattle

When waxing in Seattle, many estheticians use the company’s products Clean&Easy®, one of the leaders of American professional spa industry, which has more than 10 years of specialization in the production of waxes and other means for hair removal. Great range of products for hair removal, produced by Clean&Easy®, allows you to choose drugs based on the individual characteristics of the skin and hair growth.

What is the procedure?

Before applying the wax, the skin is cleansed using antiseptic lotion, it disinfects and degreases the skin, then applied with an anesthetic.

We use disposable warm waxes that are in a sterile cartridge. The cartridge in the heater is heated to a temperature of 40°C. Then from the cartridge, the wax is applied on the skin, the roller cartridge system provides uniformity and accuracy of application and are superimposed on top of the special fabric strips. The application of warm wax allows you to expand the mouth of the hair follicles to ease hair removal. When it cools the wax is firmly connected with the protruding surface skin hair. Sharp movement against the direction of hair growth, parallel to the surface of the skin, the beautician pulls the strip of wax from the skin, pulling the hair roots of the hair follicles. Hair that is missed still remains and is then re-waxed. 

Upon completion of the procedure, any residual wax is removed and  the skin is re-processed  with antiseptic. Then applied with Hypo-allergenic soothing remedies based on plant extracts, chosen according to the skin type of the range as suggested by  Clean&Easy®. This substance perhaps utilizes inhibitors that contribute to slow hair growth.

We use only disposable supplies and instruments that ensures the hygienic procedures.


waxing in Seattle

Waxing is a simple way to remove unwanted hair

Is Waxing Seattle Painful?

Hair removal using wax is the field of cosmetology, in which for the sake of beauty you might have to suffer. However, with  the use of analgesics, hot wax, and steady hand of an experienced beautician, make it bearable, at least, more comfortable than the use of mechanical epilators.

The most unpleasant is usually the first procedure, it is caused primarily by the fear of what will hurt, and that hair, not previously subjected to hair removal, more firmly held in the hair follicles. Subsequent procedures are much easier.


Is it necessary to repeat procedures often?

It is suggested to be done  1 time a month and  it depends on the individual’s speed of post hair, they grow back within 3-6 weeks.

After waxing hair growth does not stop, in the hair follicles instead of the remote formation of new hair. But the effect of “barbed bristles”, as after shaving. With regular carrying out of procedures, the rate of hair growth slows down, they become thinner and weaker hold in the hair follicles.


Is there skin irritation after removal?

Redness of the skin after hair removal is most noticeable after the first procedure. People with normal skin, it disappears within a few hours. The sedatives after the procedure help to accelerate this process.

But if you are previously never waxed, then predicting the reaction of the skin is impossible. Therefore, you should not plan the procedure directly before the wedding, or another important event or holiday.


How to prepare for wax removal?

Using wax is impossible to remove very short hair. Hair length should be about 5 mm for the hair removal to be effective.

The day before the procedure, it is preferred to make mechanical exfoliation (with a scrub) areas of the skin, which will conduct the hair removal. This will help remove the dead skin flakes and slightly lift the hairs.

On the day of hair removal you should not use fatty creams.
You should not take a bath or go to the sauna on the same day of removal because it creates excessive strain on the skin and can cause irritations.



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